Jan Tracer, Wiesław Małolepszy he was born in Poznan, Poland. His interested music from an early age. The music styles he prefer is electronic, synth-pop, classical symphonic and movie music. His adventure with creating music began in the 90’s. In the begining he was creating various electronic music.

In 2001 he had my debut on the music scene, winning first place at the Electronic Music Festival KOMP 2001 in Kwidzyn and third place at the Synth-Art 2001 Festival in Bydgoszcz.

From 2001 to 2008 year, he creating a psychedelic trance as Tracer, Saikotune and duo project: Prophets of Orion. He also learned the secrets of mixing as a DJ.

List of selected live performances:
23.11.2001 : Live Act Extreme (Eskulap musi_club, Poznań)
18.01.2002 : Polygon – World Techno Experience (DMD, Gniezno)
21.02.2003 : Tranceglobal Unity 5 (Eskulap musi_club, Poznań)
02.04.2004 : Hypnotic Experience (klub MO, Poznań)
23.10.2004 : Pulsar Vibration (klub Luzztro, Warszawa)
27.03.2005 : Kasodo (klub GGOG, Gdańsk)
09.04.2005 : Polisz Psykick (klub GGOG, Gdańsk)
29-31.07.2005 : Moondalla 2005 Open Air (Ulkowy near Gdańsk)
08.10.2005 : Radix Community & Dark Life Records – 1st Anniversary (Cypel Czerniakowski, Warszawa)
25.11.2005 : Magic Mushroom 2 (klub Cliv, Ostrava, Czech Republic)
21.01.2006 : Trancenergetic Night (klub IQ, Poznań)
24.06.2006 : Open Air 3 (Ochla near Zielona Góra)
11-13.08.2006 : Schaben-Tanz-Gelage Festival (Humelhausen, Germany)
28-30.07.2006 : Moondalla 2006 Open Air (Janowa Dolina near Gdańsk)
01-03.06.2007 : Moon Spirit (Psary)
17-19.08.2007 : Nature Grow Festival (Cypel Czerniakowski, Warszawa)
12.01.2008 : Another Side Of Moon (klub Crossed, Szczecin)
02.05.2008 : Kraina Valahia Open Air (Gdańsk-Karczemki)
05.09.2008 : Mystic Arts Event (klub Progresja, Warszawa)

3O.04.2016 : Powrót do źródła vol. 13 (Projekt LAB, Poznań)

14-16.07.2023, Moondalla Festival 2023 (Stawnica)
14.10.2023, Ziarno 6 by Be Psychedelic (Bunkier, Gdańsk) event canceled

selected DJ sets as DJ Tracer:
18.11.2023 : Level:Hard (Dom Technika, Poznań)

Official Booking / Future live performances:

03.02.2024, LEVEL: HARD 2 (Dom Technika, Poznań)
10.02.2024, Ziarno 6 by Be Psychedelic (Bunkier, Gdańsk)




KOMP 2001 – Live
Label: Europolis Promotions – EURCD003
Format: CD, Enhanced, Compilation
Date: 2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo, Electro, Psy-Trance, Experimental, Ambient

Various – Theory Of Madness
Label: Dark Life Records – DLRSCD001
Format: CD, Compilation
Date: 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Psy-Trance

Various – The Psychedelic Culture 2
Label: Laif – 68 / 69
Format: CD, Compilation
Date: 15 juil. 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Psy-Trance

Various – Panta Deus (10 Years Of
Format: CD, Compilation
Date: 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Psy-Trance, Goa Trance


After more than 10 years of break, he returns with a new perspective electronic music style.

New compositions there is on the site ‘music‘. On Spotify, thank you everyone in advance for listening, liking and adding to your playlists.